Adam R. Garcia is a Type 2 Diabetic, Bi-polar, renal patient, and is also a professional Chef and father of 5. He has had to learn though his own health problems how to cook better and healthier for not only his physical issues, but also his mental issues. As well as for the health of his family and his (currently) 2 grandsons.

Adam R. Garcia
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He first learned about being diabetic when he was told in 1981 that he was a pre (borderline)diabetic. He learned in 1986 that he was considered a (#T2D) Type 2 diabetic when he went for his entry physical to the Army was denied. He also learned that in that same year all of the current complications he was suffering from due to having diabetes. This included the fact of possible renal failure.

He discovered in 2017 that he was in End Stage renal failure and needed to be placed on dialysis.

Adam has had several other serious physical issues since that time, including his first major seizure and 2 heart attacks which occurred in the same day several hours between each. As well as suffering fro orthostatic hypotension, hypervolemia, and extreme bone loss of his right heel bone due to osteomyeleitis. To find out more, look into the blog area under the following cateogories:

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